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About us

Ecomedex is an established leader in innovative production technologies of marking aerosol and hygiene products for animals in Eastern Europe.

Ecomedex established as a family-run business in 2005 and its role has evolved over the years from distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals to manufacturing quality products for animals. We pride ourselves on managing the whole manufacturing process from start to finish and producing exclusive products, which are all vigorously tested in the labs before being introduced to the market.

We specialise in production of aerosol marking sprays and hygiene products for animals, which are mostly used in agricultural and veterinary industries.



We guarantee high quality services and products, all of which are certified in line with EU laws and regulations


Our team has the best experts in the field and established high professional competence over the years


We implement thorough quality assurance checks to secure a continuous improvement of products and processes, ensuring better health of the end customer


We care about the environment and animal health and work responsibly to ensure compliance with professional ethics


Ecomedex aspires to be the first choice of expertise in the chosen field of animal products.


Hygiene – preventative methods against diseases in food producing animals have become paramount. Correct hygiene in the care of the animals helps to avoid undesirable pharmaceutical interventions such as antibiotics. Our hygiene line helps to increase the quality of meat-and-milk products, which leads to better health of the end customer. In addition, it impacts on production efficiency and profitability of the manufacturer of meat-and-milk products.


We strive to achieve excellence by producing high quality products and services ensuring good health of the end customer.


We aim to be flexible in meeting our clients’ needs and are happy to help you to discuss your possible options using the following contacts:

Eastern Europe


Phone: +372 5088 244

United Kingdom


Phone: +44 798 5055 899

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